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Everybody really wants to make hair extension look natural once they purchase it, now you don't need to inquire about help for any beautician or visit a barber shop, simply do it in your own home.
First, you'll face two choices: real hair or synthetic hair when you purchase your hair extensions.Synthetic hair is made of fiber and cannot be styled with any electric heaters(like styling curler ), it will likely be not employed for a lengthy time in contrast to real hair.but it is economical.Real hair is costly and quality is much better.Nadula shop's goods are all 100% virgin real hair and could be dyed based on your personal hair, may also be styled with curly ironed and blow dryer as omnipotent hair on the market.Therefore we will concentrate on real hair now. 
1.The colour of hair extension is much more essential to take more time on selecting the best color to fit your own hair.It is recommended to purchase it during the day to prevent color cast under artificial light during the night.If you purchase it on the internet, you have to make certain to talk with the vendor deeply by delivering pictures, videos etc.
2.The colour of clip, thread and glue ought to be closer using the hair weave you purchased.You will purchase a number of color clips -- red, gold, brown, black, and so forth, which means you can purchase an identical clip anything you want to.A black clip-on a blonde wig could be apparent, and the other way around.You can purchase different colors of glue, which means you can't begin to see the colour of the dry glue when putting on it in your mind. For instance, you should use white-colored glue on blond hair however the more dark color on brown or black hair.You should also make use of the thread having a similar color whenever you sew a clip along with the real hair weaves.
3.Result in the same style using the hair extension as well as your own hair to enable them to be fused with one another in this manner.There is nothing more conspicuous than putting on an upright hair extension on frizzy hair, and the other way around.
4.Blend your hair extension together with your real human hair weave is simple.You are able to comb lightly using a wide tooth comb or brush, blend your original hair and hair extension together in order that it won't look so apparent.
5.You need to safeguard hair extension carefully.It necessary cleaned and tended regularly. It is recommended to comb it lightly to really make it more smooth before washing it.Iron or Steel comb is essential to make use of although not plastic comb to prevent tearing from the hairline(particularly the curly real hair).Comb the tail first after which lower in the the top to the tail, this could obvious the dirt making your hair clean.Don't strain to avoid breaking it once the hair are twisted, you are able to spray some kind of special hair liquid first after which comb it. You should check the best methods about this blog: How you can prolong the existence of real hair with right treatments?


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